When to Consider Buying a Large Hot Tub over a Small One

When to Consider Buying a Large Hot Tub over a Small One


You want to buy a hot tub, but is it big or small? You are still determining what to go for. This simple guide will help you make a wise decision without wasting precious time dilly-dallying. You should start relaxing in your hot tub as soon as possible.

Did you know that you can get hot tubs in Leicester? Yes, you can. With that said, the following are factors to consider when debating whether to buy a small or large hot tub:

The Number of People to Use the Hot Tub

How many people will be using the hot tub? Will you be inviting your friends to come and splash themselves on weekends? If you expect them to be joining you regularly, you need a large design. Again, if the hot tub will be the family bonding spot, then it better be big enough to take in the big number.

Small hot tubs are designed for solo-soakers who want to spend their free time alone relaxing in the tub. Large hot tubs are for socializing and bonding.

Available Space

Your space also determines what hot tub size you go for. Do you have ample space in your backyard enough to take in a large hot tub? If yes, get one! Look for swim spas for sale and choose one that suits you.

But if the space can only comfortably accommodate a small size and it’s the only space you have available, you must consider settling for a small hot tub, even if you long for a large one.

Your Preferences

Will you mostly be after a gentle touch while relaxing in your hot tub on a weekend after a tiresome week? Then a small size is the best option for you. It will give you that soft treatment without the drama that comes with intense waterworks.

But a spacious hot tub is best if you prefer bombastic treatment and more massage action — only made possible by more jets.

Your Budget

It goes without saying that small hot tubs are relatively cheaper than big ones. A tight budget would force you to buy a small one even if you longed for an enormous size.

But what if you have a big budget; what if you have enough cash to splash? Well, buy big things. Break the bank. After all, the bigger the size of your hot tub, the more the fun. Don’t hold back your money if you are looking for fun and can afford it. Spend it.

Settled or Always on the Move?

If you are always on the move, wandering here and there, getting a small hot tub is best. It is easier to pack up and move along with. But a large hot tub suits you well if you are settled somewhere with no plan to relocate elsewhere sooner or later.

Once you have it fixed in your backyard, that’s it.

Wrapping It Up

Something else to also factor in is that large hot tubs in Birmingham take longer to clean or maintain than small ones. So, you should ask yourself if you have enough time on your hands to tend to your large tub.

Anyway, a hot tub will bring you happiness, whether big or small. The difference is in the magnitude. As you have seen, buying a large one means digging deeper into your pockets, among other things.