Pricing Your Furniture When Selling Your Furnished Home

Pricing Your Furniture When Selling Your Furnished Home


When selling a home furnished, it can feel easy to either overprice the furniture and jeopardize the deal, or underprice the furniture and leave yourself with a list of expensive furniture to buy for your next home. Finding the right price ensures you get the pieces sold that you want sold, while making it worth your while and saving your buyers some time and effort too. Here are some general pieces of guidance to make this happen, but if you want to sell your home quickly, you definitely want to also get a trusted real estate agent’s take on your particular furnished home.

Research and Prepare to Itemize Furniture Prices

One of the ways that you can show that you are treating your potential buyer fairly with this transaction is to look up comparable furniture in a similar condition and get some pricing. Make sure you know what the buyer wants (some, all, just a couple of pieces) before you invest a lot of time in this research, but particularly if your buyer is really taken with your whole home and wants to purchase everything, it can be valuable to itemize the furniture so that they see that there’s no hidden mark-up in there.

Provide Receipts if Decorator or Designer Services Created the Look

Particularly if you’re selling a high-end home and the perfectly coordinating furniture inside it, the whole may be more than the parts, leading you to want to charge more than your itemized list. In this case, you may want to offer other evidence, like the costs of decorator or designer help that you previously received to coordinate the furnishings. If you do your own research and source your own unique pieces, you can note all the ways you had to source these items, showing receipts for things like shipping or that some of the items were bought and transported from overseas. Any of this can help a buyer who balks at the fair value of the overall furnishings.

Factor in the Furniture’s Value “In Place” For You and the Buyer

Because many sellers choose to offer a lump sum price that is either a sellers concession based on the overall home price or a separate transaction, you can make the final price reflect other value brought by this furniture. For instance, you’ll save money not having to move it, but the buyer won’t have to move anything from their current home either – if they are highly motivated to buy a furnished home like yours, they may be more motivated even if the lump sum price is a bit higher.

On the other hand, you may have sentimental connections to the furniture or be uninterested in selling everything, meaning that the buyer will need to supplement what you’re selling. You may need to give a bit better of a “deal” with this kind of exchange, but it’s nice to be able to keep the pieces you love and sell everything else. By knowing what matters to you and getting to know what matters to your buyers, you can accomplish a successful home sale with furniture included!