Pests With A Sweet Tooth That Invade Your Home

Pests With A Sweet Tooth That Invade Your Home


It is no secret that pests love the same food humans love, which includes sugary treats. A pest invasion can ruin your groceries and make you question that shopping trip you just made. If you have dealt with pests before, you may have noticed something about their food choices: many of them love sweets. You spill a little coke, and you will find ants all around it within 10 minutes. 

Pests invade your house for a number of reasons, including food, water, shelter, and warmth. However, they are particularly attracted to sugar. While some pests are harmless, they can be a nuisance and create stress. If you want to keep your home safe, keep your sugar stashed away. If you want to take care of an infestation for your home then there are multiple options available for Pest Control in Rockwall like Romney Pest Control. 

Pests with a sweet tooth

As much as Here are some commonly known pests with a sweet tooth. 


Ants are one of the top food pests. They are very common and can be found everywhere. Ants can detect glucose very strongly. This is why they are able to sense the food that has not been sealed properly. They have a unique characteristic of leaving a trail of pheromones after eating the food that their fellow partners follow. They are tiny but can be spotted easily because they mostly travel in groups.


Moths are another common house pest. They love chewing everything. They can feed on anything, including the clothes in your closet or the food in your pantry. One of the scariest species of moths is the Indian Meal Moth. They are very difficult to get rid of. Their body is brown, and they possess two-toned brown wings. They reproduce very fast and can lay up to 300 eggs at once. They are attracted to dry items like rice, pasta, or flour. 


Bees are known to have a major sweet tooth in the pest world. Bees mainly suck on flower or plant nectar. It is their favorite food. They also enjoy sodas, juice, pollen, and fruits, especially watermelon. Anything sweet and liquid attracts a bee immediately. Bees are red color blind. This is why you do not see them buzzing near any red flower. 


Roaches are in constant search of food and love mostly sweet things. Anything that gives off a strong smell can drive these scavengers. Fruity-smelling candies and sugary substances are irresistible to these pests. Other substances, like meat, grease, starches, etc., are incredibly attractive to roaches. Much like mice or rats, they can easily travel through gaps that often seem too small for them.

How can I get rid of these sweet tooth pests?

You are not going to stop eating sweets, and spilling them is common. Even if you keep sweet foods in your kitchen or around the house, these pests automatically come crawling on them. The best course of action is to properly ensure you keep everything closed in an airtight container, so they do not get a chance to contaminate the food. 

Another way if things go beyond control is to speak to a professional pest control service who can assist you with the same and ensure you do not have to welcome these sweet tooth pests in your house anymore. 

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