Make Room for The Extra Stuff! Century Fiberboards Gives You All

Make Room for The Extra Stuff! Century Fiberboards Gives You All


No matter how spacious your house is or how well put everything is, it is always less when it comes to making room for the extra stuff in the house. It is not always an easy task to keep adding space to your house with concrete rooms. Hence one easy solution is using fiberboards. Fiberboards provide you with the ability to separate a room into divisions.

Fibreboard is known as artificial wood and is made through the remaining bark branch shavings and waste material. All these things were glued and put through high-pressure and trying to get finished plywood which is fibreboard. Fiber goods are known for their bending strength and or made of 90% of wood. These can be installed as wall slabs, floor, furniture and other decorative installations.

Add versatile corners to your house

Fiberboard can be used in any way in the house. One of the most useful ways to put a fibre board is to add different corners to your house for anything like artwork, storage, kids corner, an organizational corner, a private corner, a styling corner, book corner, a garden or a chill area. There are many ways fibreboard can give an extra oomph factor to your house. Here are a few ways to add depth using fibreboard:

Artwork corner:

If you are someone who is very fond of art and is dedicated to exhibiting it in your house, you can use fibreboard to give it a separate space and elevate its look.

Storage corner:

No matter how much space you have in your house, you always need that one corner that has all the random stuff and is kept away from the eyes of visitors. Fiber cement boardcan be used to build that extra space or corner while maintaining the clean look of your house.

Kids corner:

If you have kids in the house, you know they always need a space to be themselves, and they are always on to something creative, which makes a visible mess around the house. It is better to have a dedicated corner for the kids so that they can always do innovative things and play around without making the whole house look like a mess.

Organisational corner:

Being an office person or running your business from Home can mix the vibe of your house and office altogether. To keep a separation between both spaces, you can add an organisational corner to arrange all your office-related stuff, which can be very helpful.

A private corner:

Call it a good bar space or your comfy corner. You can always add a space for yourself in the house by separating it from the rest of the house using a cement board. It can be your go-to space, evening tea space or anything.

Styling corner:

With interior designers and experts, it becomes hard for us to add a personal touch to our house. Fibreboard can provide you extra space that you can style according to your choice and make it your personal corner or your styling corner.

Book corner:

Books add sophistication and intelligence to your surroundings. If you are a bookworm or an avid reader, you can add a reading space using a fiberboard in your house and have a corner to yourself.

Garden or chill area:

For a garden lover or a host, it is important to have a corner that can be your Escape whenever you feel detached. You can always have a chill corner at your house where you can invite your friends and spend some quality time.


Irrespective of the space you have in your house, there’s always a need for a separate corner that can be called an additional space. This additional space can serve as a storage corner, chill area, book corner, styling corner or anything according to your choice. It can elevate the look of your house with respect to your choice. Century Ply has many options and installation availability for such corners using Fibreboard in your house.

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