Is Your Aircon Light Blinking? Here Are Some Common Reasons Why

Is Your Aircon Light Blinking? Here Are Some Common Reasons Why


Air conditioners are complex electrical devices that are susceptible to environmental factors. For instance, accumulated grime and debris on the air conditioner’s exterior grille can hinder its performance. Generally, the flickering of an air conditioner’s light is a sign that it requires maintenance, as it occurs when the machine detects an internal error. Most air conditioner manufacturers furnish their devices with a blinking aircon indicator to indicate an internal error requiring air conditioner repair.

Here are some common causes for your air conditioner’s blinking light.

Poor Air Circulation

If your aircon unit is unable to circulate air correctly, you may experience that your aircon is not chilly. This can be caused by improper air conditioning unit positioning or a malfunctioning drive motor. Check the error code displayed by the air conditioning unit against the user manual.

Most manufacturers have equipped their air conditioning models with the ability to display error messages on the remote control or control interface. However, contacting an air conditioning maintenance company may be necessary if the error code is not listed in the user manual.

Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant gas is a crucial component of an air conditioner, as it ensures effective operation. Without sufficient refrigerant, condensation may form, which may lead to the condenser freezing and, ultimately, air conditioning leakage. A lack of refrigerant can also damage the compressor unit and cause a gurgling sound.

Typically, low refrigerant levels can be remedied by adding gas to the air conditioner. The professional air conditioning maintenance company will remedy the refrigerant leak and any other air conditioning issues. As refrigerant leaks are extremely hazardous to your health and the environment, you should contact an air conditioning maintenance company as soon as you discover that your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant.

Clogged Air Filters

Having clean air conditioning filters allows the evaporator unit to operate more efficiently and emit cleaner, stronger air. However, dust will accumulate when your air conditioner is not properly maintained, making the filters susceptible to obstruction and odour. To prevent ventilation obstruction in the evaporator coil, you should clean your air conditioning filters at least once every three months. The evaporator coils will freeze if they are neglected, resulting in water leakage when the coil dissolves.

If a thorough cleansing is required, it is recommended to contact a trained professional for air conditioning chemical maintenance.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

If you hear this alarm, you should respond immediately, as it may indicate an air conditioning water escape emergency. In addition, a problem with the ducts may also cause frozen evaporator coils.

To determine if your evaporator fan coils have iced, open the unit’s front panel and look for a coating of ice. If your air conditioner’s evaporator coils are iced, you may need to briefly turn off the air conditioner’s compressor until the evaporator temperature rises. If the problem persists, contact an experienced air conditioning maintenance company.

Poor Maintenance

When an air conditioner is not routinely maintained, it will encounter problems and malfunction. Therefore, regular inspection and maintenance is required. Regular air conditioning maintenance ensures your unit is always clean, so you can always appreciate the cold air.

Occasionally, the flickering light indicates that the air conditioner requires maintenance. In the case of obstructed air filters, you should attempt troubleshooting or contact an air conditioning service company.

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