How to Clean an Oriental Rug

How to Clean an Oriental Rug


Oriental rugs are globally cherished for their captivating beauty and exceptional quality. The intricate handmade patterns and designs contribute to their spectacular allure. To ensure these treasures last for generations, proper care is essential.

Professional Cleaning

It is advisable to have your oriental rug professionally cleaned at least once a year. While these rugs don’t demand extensive maintenance, preserving their colors, materials, and designs requires special attention. Attempting to clean them yourself may lead to fading or damage.

How to Protect Your Oriental Rug Between Cleanings

Preventing Dirt Buildup

Encourage yourself and your guests to remove shoes upon entering to prevent dirt from being tracked onto the rug. Walking barefoot is gentler on the rug.

Maintenance Tips

Regularly vacuum both sides of the rug to remove dust and dirt. In case of pet spills, act promptly by using a dry, white towel to blot the affected area. Spot-clean with a vinegar-water solution to neutralize odors and lift stains.

Cleaning Guidelines

When cleaning, use a stiff brush to avoid damaging the rug. Avoid using a hair dryer or iron, as they can harm the fabric and cause color fading. Harsh chemicals and rug shampoo are not recommended, as they can damage the material and fade colors.

When to Seek Professional Help

To determine if professional cleaning is needed, kick a corner of the rug; if you see dust clouds, it’s time for cleaning. A dirty rug, creases, or dirt on creases are indicators for a professional hand wash. CarpetMax in Odessa, Texas provides professional rug cleaning services.


Preserving the beauty of oriental rugs is a responsibility that pays off in their longevity. For those in Odessa and Midland, Texas, entrust your carpets, rugs, and hardwood floors to CarpetMax  Contact us today to get started on maintaining your timeless treasures today!

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