Best Ways To Keep Your Garden Plants Pest-Free

Best Ways To Keep Your Garden Plants Pest-Free


Imagine your home garden filled with beautiful flowers and vegetables, creating a perfect view. However, things do not stay all that pretty when garden bugs invade the area. Many homeowners use insecticides and pesticides to protect their plants from these pests, but these chemicals can have harmful side effects. 

Harsh chemicals are bad for the environment in the long run. It is recommended to let professionals like Saela Pest Control handle the job. However, if you wish to do something yourself, there are a few organic methods. These methods are cost-effective and safe to implement even with no training or expertise. 

Easy ways to keep your garden pest-free

Gardens are one of the common areas where pests make their way to your home, so it is vital to follow the right methods to keep them at bay. Below are some practical tips you can implement to keep your garden pests-free and protect your plants and trees around. 

Use good soil.

Using good soil can help you get rid of garden insect pests. The soil preparation time only takes a little, and it is an effective way to repel insects. When the growing season starts, till in the soil organic matter like compost. This will add natural elements and compounds to your soil to keep it clean and repel damage-causing insects. 

After tilling, make sure to cover the garden with cardboard or black plastic for six months. The heat underneath will help you kill garden insects, parasites, and weeds.

Buy disease and pest-resistant seeds.

Prevention is always better than cure. It is easier to prevent insects by using disease and pest-resistant seeds than it is to get rid of them after they have invaded your gardens. While purchasing a seed, look for letters like V, F, N, or T after the seed’s name. These letters indicate the problems to which the seed is more resistant. 

Attract pests that eat other pests.

Another way to keep your gardens healthy and pest-free is to grow plants that attract certain insects. These pests will feed on other damage-causing pests and help you clean your garden. You can grow several plants in your garden, like calendula, sweet asylum, coriander, etc. 

Thin out plants.

Selectively thinning out plants in your garden is essential to keep insects away. Eliminate weak seedlings from your garden as early as possible. These weak seeds can easily catch diseases and pass them to healthy plants and attract insects. Clear out dead shoots and branches that restrict the airflow. 

Use insect spray for plants.

You can keep your garden pests by using insect spray. It is cost-effective and can be easily prepared at home. You can use simple ingredients like white vinegar, liquid soap, lemon, apple cider vinegar, etc., to make insect spray.

What if these pests do not go away?

Undoubtedly, pests can damage your plants and trees in the garden. In order to avoid that, you can speak to a professional pest control service. They can understand which pests are around in your garden and provide a personalized approach to get rid of them. 

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